Distant Monitoring - E-Health

Digitalization of health and medical care

Healthcare is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives – regardless of whether we are healthy or ill, young or old. People's living environments will play a central role in the future of health and social care.

We want to take responsibility for our health and well-being. People’s living environments will play a central role in the future of health and social care and E-Health has in the recent years emerged as a great tool for patients to remain prolonged periods in remission.

E-Health is different from phone or online consultations, in that the latter will only provide the treating physician with the patients subjective observations.

For optimal distant monitoring, objective parameters are also required. When done correctly, e-Health has great benefits for the patient, the physicians, hospital and the society as a whole, and can drastically reduce the use of heavy medication, emergency admissions, surgeries and other expensive treatments.

CalproSmart - Lege leser testresultat online

The future of IBD Patient Care

Through our innovative e-Health solution we enable an increased quality of life for patients by developing secure and efficient digital healthcare solutions in the market for clinical monitoring and individualized dosing of medicines for patients with IBD.

Distant monitoring of calprotectin levels between hospital appointments can lead to:

  • Reduced burden on the clinic and HCPs
  • Reduced numbers of acute visits and admissions
  • Remission is achieved quicker as inflammation is treated sub-clinically
  • HCP can closely monitor the patient development
  • Increased quality of life of the patient

Want to know more about Calprotectin Solutions suited for distant monitoring?

heart-monitor (kopia)Transforming

CalproSmart, in combination with an e-health application is used by IBD patients to monitor their inflammation status in the bowel and to enable their doctors to prescribe their medication via a phone app.


These tests are the most straightforward tests on the market for a self-test for Calprotectin providing quantitative results. They are used in large areas of the world to monitor the illness and to provide accurate treatment.


CalproSmart test is used by the patient themselves and by following the guidance and capturing the image from the test cassette using a mobile phone with CalproSmart app.


Digitalization in the health care sector to create efficiencies and improve patient solutions is a priority area for government authorities and for the pharmaceutical industry.