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Calprotectin has been established as a key biomarker in differential diagnosis and follow up of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and is also used as screening tool prior to invasive procedures such as endosocopy.

Calpro produced the first commercial kits available for measuring Calprotectin, and thus established cut-offs and standards all subsequent test would follow.

Test formats

Calpro provides various products covering three ranges:

  • Laboratory tests based on ELISA technology
  • Extraction devices for laboratory use
  • Rapid test for point-of-care or self test/home monitoring

High quality and user friendly

Calpro is one of worlds leading providers of Calprotectin tests. Our aim is to provide solutions that are effective and user friendly for the user, without compromising on the quality of product.

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What is Calprotectin?

Calprotectin is a rather small protein making up around 60% the cytosol of Neutrophiles. It is released to the surrounding environment when the immune system is activated as a response to microbial or fungal infections, and is used in diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to differentiate it from the functional irritable bowel syndrom (IBS). It is also routinely used in follow up of patients with IBD to predict relapse or determine response to treatment.

Calprotectin is a non-specific biomarker, such as the more commonly used C-Reactive Protein (CRP); however, the stability of the protein, robustness and local release without need for synthesis makes it a preferred biomarker for IBD. As such, the protein can be and is used in diagnosis and follow-up of a variety of diseases. 

Distant monitoring and E-Health - The future of IBD patient care

E-Health has in the recent years emerged as a great tool for patients to remain prolonged periods in remission. E-Health is different from phone or online consultations, in that the latter will only provide the treating physician with the patients subjective observations. For optimal distant monitoring, objective parameters are also required. When done correctly, e-Health has great benefits for the patient, the physicians, hospital and the society as a whole, and can drastically reduce the use of heavy medication, emergency admissions, surgeries and other expensive treatments. 

The Calprotectin Company
Diagnostic tools for IBD 

Calpro is a Norwegian based bio-tech company dedicated to research on and developement of Calprotectin based diagnostic tests. Focussing on one specific biomarker, the company has a knowledge base unlike any other; Those who discovered and characterized Calprotectin later went on to create Calpro, and the company is one of the major suppliers of diagnostic tools based around the protein.

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Extraction device

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Calpro provides two options for extraction of fecal samples:
  • Calpro Extraction device - complete set for extracting based on weighing method

Laboratory tests


Calpro provides 3 different lab test, all based on ELISA technology: 

Rapid tests

CalproSmart Home test-kit

CalproSmart, one of the quickest quantitative rapid test on the market:



Calprotectin Flexi reagents - for automated platforms of your choice: