18 February 2019

Introducing iLite® Assay Ready Cells for IL-2 and IL-6

MALMÖ, Sweden,– February 18, 2019

Svar Life Science, today announced the launch new interleukin cell lines adding to the iLite® portfolio of call-based solutions. These two new products are designed to be highly specific, with simple and quick protocols, large signal to noise ratio, high matrix tolerance and have high reproducibility.

”We are strengthening the cell-based interleukin portfolio with the addition of the iLite® IL-2 and IL- 6. These cell lines broaden our offering within interleukin related disease areas, and they nicely complement our other assay solutions already appreciated by pharmaceutical clients” says Therese Segerstein, Product Manager Cell-based Solutions.

Interleukins have shown to have a pivotal role in the mediation of physiological response to infection and as they contribute significantly to the functional changes that accompany a particular disease or disorder, it has become evident that they represent a group of proteins with potential importance as therapeutic targets.

The iLite® Platform offers cell-based assays that enable the study and targeting of human interleukin proteins and their receptors, while addressing these issues. The assays are designed as Assay Ready Cells and the cell-based assays can also be set up by our in-house laboratory Wieslab offering bioanalytical services in compliance with GLP and GCP.

This enables their broad usage in applications such as functional screening, functional characterization, QC lot release (potency) assays and neutralizing antibody studies. 

“We are always ready to assist clients in accelerating their drug discovery and development programs in the most efficient way by supporting with unique reporter gene assays and tailored laboratory service solutions” adds Therese Segerstein.


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