We´re extending our complement portfolio

Our new activity marker, Complement TCC, is an excellent biomarker for complement studies in basic and translational research, clinical evaluation of treatment, safety studies of medical device and drugs.

Activity markers are used to determine whether deficiencies, overactivation or dysregulation in the complement system are causing, or contributing to, a person's disease or condition.

The Svar Complement activity markers give valuable intelligence in several situations where one might suspect that complement activation plays a role in the disorder. The Svar assays for complement activity markers are developed to target the unique neoepitopes only presented at the complement component or complex when activated.

Just like the Svar Complement C4d, launched in 2018, the Complement TCC is a flexible and easy to use enzyme immunoassay with ready to use reagents and short incubation times leading to reduced hands-on-time for the user.

TCC is suitable for all situations where determination of complement activity is wanted. Increased TCC levels can be detected in both acute injury (trauma, sepsis, myocardial infarction) and in chronic inflammation diseases  (SLE, RA, aHUS) and can be used successfully to rule out if a drug is toxic or if an adverse reaction is due to other related issues such as “infusion reactions”.

TCC is also well suited for studies of all medical devices in contact with blood, i.e. biological safety testing and part of the recommended tests for assessing complement activation according to ISO standard 10993-4 for hemocompatibility testing.

TCC is also well suited for studies of all medical devices in contact with blood, i.e. biological safety testing and part of the recommended tests for assessing complement activation according to ISO standard 10993-4 for hemocompatibility testing.

Benefits of Complement TCC:

  • A versatile marker with broad application area
  • Easy to Use for quick assessment
  • Reliable method with proven trackrecord
  • Help accelerate the drug development process
  • Improve patient safety

For more information about our activity markers - TCC and C4d - please click here.

28 January 2019


During the end of 2018, we received  of number of requests for new tests of markers and autoantibodies. This has led to updates on our request form. We have also made some updates of test panels due to new research findings and guidelines.

Since some tests have become more common to offer in routine laboratories, we as a specialist laboratory have decided  to remove tests that cannot be regarded as specialist tests any longer or tests have been removed from our portfolio since research has shown that these no longer give any added diagnostic value. 

We have the pleasure to inform about the following new tests and updates in our portfolio:


Autoimmune Diagnostics

Please note that we have changed the order of the panels on the Request Form.

New Complement Activity Marker: C4d – (No. 911)
In several autoimmune diseases (SLE, Systemic sclerosis, ANCA vasculitis), an elevated plasma C4d can be linked to disease activity and kidney-affected flares. Also, in lung cancer, elevated C4d has been shown to be able to differentiate patients with intermediate nodules and in malignant pleural mesothelioma correlate with tumor volume and chemotherapy response. C4d is a specific biomarker for activity in the complementary system's classic pathway and lectin pathway.

New Panel for Extended Analysis for Suspected Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome (Panel 579)
Anti-Cardiolipin (IgA) No. 017, Anti-Beta-2 Glycoprotein (IgA) No. 146 & Anti-Phosphatidylserine (IgGAM) No. 403 (screening).

New Panel for Primary Membranous Nephropathy (PMN) - (panel 584)
Anti-PLA2R and Anti-THSD7A Screening. For follow-up of positive results for PLA2R, an anti-PLA2R (ELISA) No. 247 is offered.

New panel for expanded analysis - suspected autoimmune hepatitis (panel 018)
Liver screen (anti-LKM-1, LC-1, AMA-M2, M2-3E (BPO). Sp100, PML, gp210, SLA / LP & Ro-52). Can only be ordered as a panel. This means that anti-SLA / LP is no longer included in panel 515.

New panel for expanded analysis - suspected autoantibodies in Autoimmune pancreatitis type 2 (AIP2), (panel 575).
Anti-Carboanhydrase II No. 850, anti-Lactoferrin (DNA bound) No. 859, anti-Thyreoglobulin No. 865 and IIF ANCA (p-ANCA).

New subclass determination of specific IgG for GBM (IgG1-4), no. 100 and GBM (IgG4), (no. 145).
An additional test for the GBM assay.

Panel no. 501; Suspected systemic vasculitis & anti-GBM disease. A test for ds-DNA has been added.

Panel 520 - connective tissue disease – undifferentiated
The IIF-ANCA test has been removed from the panel.

Panel 530 Sudden deafness
IIF-ANCA and anti-cardiolipin have been removed from the panel and PR3-ANCA has been added.

Panel 512 - when investigating for Celiac disease, test for anti-transglutaminase (IgA) and IgA quantification will primarily be performed
If IgA deficiency is detected, analysis for Transglutaminase IgG and Deamidated Gliadin IgG is further performed.

Panel 578 - when investigating for Celiac disease in children, an expanded analysis is offered - tests for anti-Endomysium IgA and Deamidated Gliadin IgA


When testing for Gangliosides (GM1, GM2, Gd1a, Gd1b and Gq1b) - serum should always be used as sample material in the first place.

Monitoring of biological drugs (TDM; Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)

No TDM samples need to be sent frozen any longer. They should be sent at room temperature or cooled (between cold packs). This is clearly stated on the Request Forms for each drug.


Analysis no:
092 anti-skin IIF has been removed from the portfolio and thus also from panel no. 550.
008 IIF-ANCA is no longer included in panel 503 or 530 but remains in panels 541 and 575.


On September 1, 2018, our parent company changed its name from Euro Diagnostica to Svar Life Science AB.

For Wieslab's part, this means that we have a new logotype, new address for our website www.svarlifescience.com, new email addresses (firstname.lastname@svarlifescience).

We are still in our premises in Malmö so there has been no change in terms of address or telephone numbers.


Our Request Forms have been updated with the above changes and have new color coding: Autoimmune Diagnostics are clear blue (previously red), Neurology is gray (formerly light purple) and Monitoring of Biological Drugs is black (formerly dark blue). This means that the sample material that we receive will be analyzed according to the content of the updated Request Forms even if the sample material is sent together with an "old" Request Forms.


Can be ordered via email to Diagnostic.services@svarlifescience.com
You can also contact Sr Key Account Manager, Monica Blixt: monica.blixt@svarlifescience.com


In January 2019, we will implement @invoicing. This means that we will not send any paper invoices if you as customers do not specifically request it. For this to work as well as possible, it is important that you provide the correct reference code/cost center on the Request Forms.


Lab Manager, Rita Martins Olofsson: 040 - 643 44 12,
Key Account Manager, Monica Blixt: 0708 - 86 28 10,
Laboratory: 040 - 53 76 60

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21 January 2019

Are you looking for a highly specific C4d assay?

Check out our newest addition to the Svar Life Science Complement range – the Complement C4d Assay!

Svar Life Science, is excited to launch a C4d Assay Kit. C4d can be used as a complement activity marker for the classical and lectin pathways and the assay is targeting a unique cleavage epitope on C4d, which means that only the C4d is measured.

The complement system plays an essential role in autoimmune and infectious diseases. There are three pathways of complement activation; the classical, the alternative and the lectin pathway.

The C4d protein is a product of the classical and the lectin pathways and now Svar Life Science has developed a C4d Elisa kit to measure C4d in human plasma.

The Svar Life Science complement C4d assay is a highly specific complement activity marker for the classical and lectin pathway.

The Svar C4d assay:

  • Only measures C4d – does not cross react with C4 or other related complement proteins
  • Detect both variants of C4d
  • Targeted to the C4d unique cleavage epitope
  • User friendly format - ready to use reagents & short incubation times

For a detailed description of this product please click here.

25 October 2018