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Breast cancer is a major health problem with close to two million new cases diagnosed each year worldwide. In about 1 out of 5 cases, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) has been found to be overexpressed. HER2 is a membrane receptor that is required for normal development of many ... Read more
In the late 1800s, William B. Coley used crude bacterial extracts to treat tumor patients. He found that the extracts were effective in inducing tumor necrosis. However, patients treated with his extracts were also found to suffer from a severe systematic inflammatory reaction. One of the major ... Read more
The existence of a blood vessel growth stimulating factor was proposed in the 1930s when it was observed that transplanted tumors had a remarkable ability to form new vasculature. It took 50 years for this factor, called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), to be identified. VEGF is a key ... Read more
As one of the first CROs in Europe, Wieslab Bioanalytical Services are happy to announce that we now offer the Quanterix® Simoa HD-X Analyzer™ platform, a digital ultrasensitive technology that can measure protein and nucleic acid concentrations at extremely low levels. Read more