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In the rapidly advancing field of gene therapy, adeno-associated viruses (AAV)stand out as powerful tools with immense potential. These vectors offer a precise means of delivering genetic material. However, ensuring their effectiveness and safety requires careful consideration of immunogenicity. To ... Read more
In the dynamic field of gene therapy, understanding the complexities of Adeno-Associated virus (AAV) immunogenicity is crucial for achieving success. Managing pre-existing neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) and Total Antibodies (TAbs) toward AAV capsids poses a significant challenge, potentially ... Read more
Reliable detection of AAV Neutralizing Antibodies in human serum samples with proven iLite technology Do you want to know how silent your AAV capsid transfer is? In the field of gene therapy, the ability of Adeno-associated virus (AAVs) vectors to deliver therapeutic genes without detection by the ... Read more
Complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) is an integral part of our immune defense system by activating the complement system to eliminate target cells. However, CDC dysregulation can contribute to autoimmune diseases and inflammatory pathologies. In this blog post, we will explore the significance ... Read more