Universal kit (300 t) for cobas c systems


R1 and R2 reagents for 300 test kit of CalproGold assay. These assay reagents are customized for cobas/Roche c systems. R1 contains buffer and stabilizers, while R2 contains buffer and suspention of colloidal gold particles coated with mouse mAb against human calprotectin.

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Universal kit (300 t) for cobas c systems

At a glance

Product code CACOL-H00-COB
Assay target Calprotectin
Size R1: 3 x 13,8 mL; R2: 3 x 6,4 mL
Technology Turbidimetry
Read-out of results Quantitative,
Range 32-802 mg/kg
Assay time Approx 10 min for first result; number of test per hour depends on analyzer
Detection system Turbidimetry
Regulatory status IVD, CE labeled

What's in the box?

3 bottles of R1 and R2 each


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