25 October 2018

New C4d Complement Assay

Are you looking for a highly specific C4d assay?

Check out our newest addition to the Svar Life Science Complement range – the Complement C4d Assay!

Svar Life Science, is excited to launch a C4d Assay Kit. C4d can be used as a complement activity marker for the classical and lectin pathways and the assay is targeting a unique cleavage epitope on C4d, which means that only the C4d is measured.

The complement system plays an essential role in autoimmune and infectious diseases. There are three pathways of complement activation; the classical, the alternative and the lectin pathway.

The C4d protein is a product of the classical and the lectin pathways and now Svar Life Science has developed a C4d Elisa kit to measure C4d in human plasma.

The Svar Life Science complement C4d assay is a highly specific complement activity marker for the classical and lectin pathway.

The Svar C4d assay:

  • Only measures C4d – does not cross react with C4 or other related complement proteins
  • Detect both variants of C4d
  • Targeted to the C4d unique cleavage epitope
  • User friendly format - ready to use reagents & short incubation times

For a detailed description of this product please click here.

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