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Products for your Flexible assay setup

The Svar Life Science Flexi Solutions allow users to independently set up, customize and optimize assays based on existing Svar Life Science and Calpro assays. In collaboration with Gyros Protein Technologies, Svar has developed application notes for use of the Flexi Solutions on the automated Gyrolab® platforms. The Flexi Solutions can of course also be used in manual assays as well as for other laboratory techniques, such as immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry, where your imagination is the only limit.

The Flexi product portfolio consists of the assay components required to setup the Svar Life Science and Calpro assays as 3-step sandwich assays, which is the recommended assay format and is comparable to the ready-to-use assays also provided by Svar and Calpro.

Product portfolio

Complement TCC Flexi

The purpose of the Complement TCC Flexi reagents is to specifically detect the soluble terminal complement complex (TCC, also known as sTCC or sC5b-9)

Complement C4d Flexi

The Complement C4d Flexi reagents enables users to independently set up, customize and optimize a Complement C4d Flexi assay based on Svar Life Science’s Complement C4d assay

Calprotectin Flexi

The Calprotectin Flexi reagents enables users to independently set up, customize and optimize a Calprotectin Flexi assay based on Calpro’s Calprotectin assay

APPLICATIONS for the Svar Flexi Solutions

Together with Gyros Protein Technologies, Svar Life Science has developed automated immunoassay for the specific detection of Complement C4d & TCC and Calprotectin in EDTA plasma samples using commercially available reagents.

New application noted have been developed for the Svar Flexi Solutions reagents to be used on the Gyrolab® automated platform from Gyros Protein Technologies. The assays are high performance nanoliter-scale sandwich immunoassays offering the following advantages:

  • Automated solution
  • Customizable
  • Rapid time to result

Using an affinity flow-through format, Gyrolab technology simplifies assay workflows by eliminating incubations and shortening run times.

The proprietary CD technology, engineered with highly reproducible nanoliter microfluidics, integrates with Gyrolab platforms, which automate immunoassays with parallel processing using laser-induced fluorescence detection. This is possible through precise, automated control of centrifugal and capillary forces which steer liquid flow through nanoliter-scale microfluidic structures contained within the CD in which the assay workflow is automated.

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